FCC could require carriers to block robocalls. Here’s why they didn’t before

The FCC is considering making legal protections for carriers that want to block robocalls. In the past, carriers were worried about the legal implications of blocking legitimate robocalls, but these new protections could change that.
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New FCC proposal would make it easier for carriers to block robocalls

The current FCC commissioners’ stances haven’t always made them the most popular with consumers (see: net neutrality), but new, stricter robocall rules could help them win over some fans. Ajit Pai this morning proposed new rules that would let mobile carriers block the unwanted calls by default. The Chairman explained that current rules have left […]

Robocalls: Don’t be caught out by the one-ring scam, FCC warns

If you hear your phone ring once in the night, you’d better not return the call unless you know who it’s from. The advice comes courtesy of the FCC, which is warning of an uptick in the so-called one-ring scam.
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