Astronomers discover hungry black hole that demands three square meals a day

Astronomers examining bursts of X-rays have found a black hole which consumes material on a regular schedule of once every nine hours.

SpaceX wins contract to launch NASA’s new X-Ray observatory in 2021

NASA has announced it will be contracting SpaceX to launch its newest X-Ray observatory into space. The Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) will consist of three telescopes which will investigate cosmic X-rays.

This beautiful map of the sky traces key sources of X-rays as seen from the ISS

NASA has released an image showing mapping data gathered by the Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer instrument aboard the ISS. It traces the X-ray sources which NICER captures during its night time passes.

Step into the center of the galaxy with NASA’s 360-degree visualization

Take a supermassive black hole’s view of the Milky Way with a stunning, immersive video that shows galaxy as if you were sitting right in its center, created from supercomputer simulations and data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.
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Beautiful superbubbles may be bombarding the Earth with cosmic rays

Soap bubbles are pretty, but superbubbles are prettier. This stunning image shows a new phenomenon recently discovered by astronomers which is changing the way we think about ultra-energetic particles.
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Black holes devour nearby stars and spew brilliant X-rays during outburst phase

Physicists have investigated an explosion of X-ray light originating from a black hole in an outburst phase. The data suggests during an outburst, black holes consume huge amounts of stellar material and shrink in size by a factor of ten.
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