This giant planet is being evaporated as its orbits its long-dead star

A team of astronomers has seen evidence of the first giant planet orbiting a white dwarf. As the star fades, it is evaporating the planet in orbit around it.

Rocky exoplanets are more like Earth inside that we thought

New research shows that rocky exoplanets in orbit around ancient, wizened stars called white dwarfs can have interiors that are surprisingly similar to our planet.

Hubble captures the glowing aftermath of the death of a star

The latest object captured by the Hubble Telescope is a planetary nebula called NGC 2371/2, located in the constellation of Gemini. It has an unusual name because of its unusual shape – when astronomers first studied the nebula, they thought it was two…

Dead planets give off ghostly radio waves which we should be able to detect

Dead planets orbiting dead stars can give off ghostly radio wave emissions that can be detected from Earth. Astronomers have proposed we could tune into radio waves given off by cores of exoplanets which orbit around white dwarfs.

This pair of white dwarf stars orbit each other at record-breaking speeds

Astronomers have observed two stars orbiting each other every seven minutes, making them the fastest eclipsing white dwarf binary system ever discovered. The stars are expected to be strong sources of gravitational waves.

Happy birthday, Hubble! Telescope celebrates with image of Southern Crab Nebula

In 1990 the Hubble Space Telescope was launched into low Earth orbit, where it has remained for nearly three decades collecting information about deep space. To celebrate its birthday, Hubble imaged the beautiful Southern Crab Nebula.
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Death of a planet: astronomers discover grisly scene of planetary destruction

Astronomers have discovered a fragment of a planet circling the dark remains of a dead star. They believe the fragment is what remains of a larger planet which was decimated by the death of its star.
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Citizen scientist finds old white dwarf with dust rings, puzzling astronomers

A citizen scientist working with NASA’s Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 project has made a remarkable discovery: the oldest known white dwarf star with dust rings. The discovery calls into question conventional wisdom about how white dwarfs form.
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