Creators of WhatsApp attack software face lawsuit from Amnesty International

This week a spyware attack was launched on WhatsApp. Now the Israeli firm linked to that attack is facing a lawsuit from human rights NGO Amnesty International, alleging their software has been used to surveil human rights defenders.
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Digital Trends Live: WhatsApp security flaw, Alexa Guard, and more

On the latest episode of Digital Trends Live, we discuss WhatsApp’s security flaw, Alexa’s new advanced home security features, Netflix’s entrance into gaming, Japan’s high-speed train test, and more.
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You probably weren’t a target of the WhatsApp spying hack

Every once in a while a major bug, vulnerability or security scare will spark panic. In most cases, it’s absolutely unnecessary panic. Take yesterday’s reported vulnerability. Israeli hacking outfit NSO Group, a developer of malware typically used by governments, was caught using a hack targeting WhatsApp that allowed the attackers to remotely spy on the […]