Hyundai takes minority stake in self-driving car startup Aurora

Hyundai Motor Group has invested in Aurora, the latest sign that the scope of the year-old partnership between the automaker and self-driving car startup has expanded. Aurora and Hyundai didn’t disclose terms of the investment. However, picking part new details of its Series B funding round and speaking to sources within the industry, Hyundai’s investment […]

Charging an electric car in America is about to get a little less painful

As electric vehicle charging infrastructure grows, a nagging complexity has popped up. Each electric vehicle charging networks has its own system with memberships. For an EV owner, that translates into a handful, or more, of standalone apps or  RFID dongles used to activate and pay for charging. ChargePoint and Electrify America have reached an agreement […]

Watch as Volkswagen’s I.D. R racer wins the ultimate EV bragging rights

The Volkswagen I.D. R has set a lap record for electric cars at Germany’s Nürburgring Nordschleife. The electric race car’s lap time of 6:05.33 beat the previous record by 40 seconds.

This tuned Volkswagen Golf GTI sports a hologram-controlled audio system

Volkswagen apprentices crammed a hologram projector into the trunk of a Golf GTI hot hatchback. VW said the hologram was built using currently available tech, but that it isn’t ready for use in production cars.
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VW may shift $56 billon in battery spending over concerns with Samsung

Volkswagen may shift some of its electric-car battery business away from Samsung over concerns that a deal with the Korean firm will unravel. Volkswagen plans to spend $56 billion on batteries to power a growing lineup of electric cars.
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Crisp and connected, the Volkswagen Golf will get a digital reboot in 2020

Volkswagen is putting the final touches on the eighth-generation Golf. The hatchback will still be recognizable as a member of the Golf family, but it will receive a crisper design inside and out.
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