Scientists look to the skies to estimate how fast the universe is expanding

The Hubble Constant is one of the most important concepts in astronomy, describing how fast the universe is expanding. Now, scientists are using gamma rays to estimate its value.

An infinite loop: New research suggests the universe may be a closed sphere

Most people think of space as a flat sheet. But a new paper based on analysis of the cosmic microwave background suggests that the universe may in fact be spherical.

MIT develops a sensor that can work underwater without a battery and send back data

MIT researchers have created a new underwater sensor and communication system that doesn’t require batteries, and barely uses any power at all. This could help set up an underwater ‘internet of things’ according to MIT, which would allow for real-time sea temperature and marine life monitoring, without requiring regular equipment and power swaps to make […]

Virtual universe machine models galaxies to learn about dark matter

Researchers are discovering new facts about our universe by creating a virtual universe machine which models the way galaxies develop over time. They simulated 12 million galaxies, stretching back 400 million years after the Big Bang.