lists euro pairs for bitcoin, ethereum traders, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, is listing the Euro and pairing it with several crypto assets

Binance Launches Support for Polkadot-based USDT Stablecoin | Coingape

The world’s biggest crypto exchange Binance now supports deposits and withdrawals for Polkadot-based Tether (USDT), the most widely adopted stablecoin and third biggest crypto asset. Polkadot made the announcement on Twitter, highlighting that Binance …

Stablecoins’ future becomes uncertain amid crypto slump

For the 14th consecutive month, the total market cap of stablecoins continues to shrink, standing at a modest $130 billion in May – a startlingly low point unseen since September 2021. But, as their numbers dwindle, the crypto market faces…

Bitcoin and tether accepted by Chinese fentanyl chemical vendors

Chinese fentanyl chemical suppliers are accepting large cryptocurrency payments, primarily in Bitcoin and Tether. Concerns arise over the misuse of cryptocurrencies in illegal activities.

Fintoch ponzi actors escape with 31.6m USDT

DFintoch ponzi scheme has collapsed, taking with it 31.6M USDT. Investors have been left frustrated as millions of assets in crypto vanish.

Millions Worth of Bitcoin and Tether Used to Pay Chinese Companies Involved in Fentanyl Crisis, Says Elliptic

A chemicals supplier in China said the business’s Mexico-based clients “always use USDT or Bitcoin to pay.”

Tether Market Cap Edges Toward All-Time High as Minting on Tron Surges

As Tether edges towards hitting an all-time high in market capitalization, analysts point to growth on Tron as a key driver.