Analogue’s DAC allows you to connect modern throwback consoles to old-school TVs

Analogue has created a new digital-to-analog converter (affectionally called DAC) that allows you to experience classic games on a classic display.

20 classic SNES games we want added to Nintendo Switch Online

Super Nintendo games are now available with Nintendo Switch Online, but there are some big titles missing. These are 20 great SNES games we want to see come to Nintendo Switch Online.

No more regular schedule in release of Nintendo Switch Online NES, SNES games

The addition of more NES and SNES games to Nintendo Switch Online will no longer follow a regular schedule, according to a company representative.

20 iconic SNES games are coming to the Switch tomorrow

Nintendo announced that it will be bringing some of the most iconic games of the Super Nintendo era to the Switch — at no additional cost.