Skyflow and Plaid partner in effort to bolster fintech data security

Skyflow, which sells data privacy tools for corporate customers, this morning announced a partnership with Plaid, a unicorn that helps pass fintech data between parties through an API. TechCrunch most recently covered Skyflow when it secured an outsized Series B late last year, a funding event that came after the company raised a Series A […]

Will rising interest rates decimate startup valuations?

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is Saturday, which means it’s not a usual day for us to drop an episode. But what are we if not try-hards at heart? So, we’re back today. What do we have […]

Skyflow’s data privacy API business raises $45M Series B

The market for corporate data privacy products is heating up, with Skyflow announcing a $45 million Series B this morning, just a day after TripleBlind announced a $24 million round. Skyflow, which TechCrunch has covered since its early-2020 seed financing, offers an API-delivered service that stores personally identifying information (PII), among other sensitive data for […]

Investors, founders report hot market for API startups

Startups that deliver their service via an API are having a moment. Or perhaps a year. Speaking with founders and investors this year, it has become clear that the API model of delivering a product is more than an occasional hit-maker for companies like Twilio or Plaid. Instead, it appears that there is ample room […]