AMD may have a next-gen, high-end Navi graphics card coming soon

A new certification from the RRA indicates that AMD is working on a new high-end Radeon flagship GPU, with the forthcoming GPU speculated to launch sometime next year.

Microsoft needs to bring these games to the Xbox Scarlett

Microsoft is set to release its next-generation Xbox console, currently known as Xbox Scarlett or Project Scarlett, in 2020. These are the games that Xbox Scarlett needs to have in order to succeed.

Xbox says framerate will matter most on Project Scarlett

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has shared in an interview that a game’s framerate and overall playability will matter more than resolution during the Project Scarlett generation of consoles.

Xbox Scarlett vs. Nintendo Switch: Is power enough to beat convenience?

The Xbox Scarlett will be a very powerful piece of hardware, but can it beat the Switch?