Deci snaps up $21M for tech to build better AI models based on available data and compute power

Building usable models to run AI algorithms requires not just adequate data to train systems, but also the right hardware subsequently to run them. But because the theoretical and practical are often not the same thing, there is often a gap between what data scientists may hope to do and what they practically do. Today, […]

YouTube plans week-long live shopping event, following tests of livestream shopping with creators

YouTube announced earlier this year it would begin pilot testing livestream shopping with a handful of select creators. Now, the company is ready for a larger test of its live shopping platform with plans to host a week-long live shopping event, “YouTube Holiday Stream and Shop,” starting on November 15. The event will allow viewers […]

DEAL: Galaxy Watch 4 on Sale Again, Starts at Only $219

Still early in their lives, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic are no strangers to being on sale. As consumers, that’s not a bad thing at all, as these Samsung wearables are still the only way to experience the updated Wear OS platform. Plus, they’re pretty good watches. Reviews: Watch 4 | … Continued

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