Lyft opens autonomous driving dataset from its Level 5 self-driving fleet to the public

Lyft is offering a set of autonomous driving data to to the public that it calls the “largest public dataset of its kind,” containing over 55,000 3D frames of captured footage, hand-labeled by human reviewers, data collected by 7 cameras and as many as 3 lidars depending on the car used, plus a drivable surface […]

Fetch Robotics raises $46 million to expand warehouse automation internationally

Placed against our sci-fi expectations, robotics have large fallen short — with one notable exception. In 2019, automation is a mainstay in  factories and warehouses. There the technology has been proven out in the field, and VCs are happy to invest millions. This morning Fetch Robotics announced a $46 million Series C raise. The round, […]

Daimler and Bosch’s driverless parking feature can legally operate without human supervision

Daimler and Bosch can use their automated driverless parking function without a human safety driver behind the wheel after receiving approval from German regulators, four years after the companies started working together on the technology. The automated valet parking service is accessed via a smartphone app and requires no safety driver, making it the world’s […]

Toyota shows off mascot robots and tiny autonomous car for Tokyo Olympics

Toyota has shown off seven robots that it says will assist and entertain during the Tokyo Olympics next summer. The collection includes mascot and telepresence robots, as well as a tiny autonomous car to help during field events.

Tiny UK startup takes on Google’s Wing in the race to a drone traffic control system

A future where drones can easily and cheaply do many useful things such as deliver packages, undertake search and rescue missions, deliver urgent medical supplies, not to mention unclogging our roads with flying taxis seems like a future worth shooting for. But before all this can happen, we need to make sure the thousands of […]