Adidas backpedals on robotic shoe production with Speedfactory closures

An expensive experiment in global distribution has been abandoned by Adidas, which has announced that will close its robotic “Speedfactories” in Atlanta and Ansbach, Germany, within 6 months. The company sugar-coated the news with a promise to repurpose the technology used at its existing human-powered factories in Asia.

Watch MIT’s Mini Cheetahs limber up for the robot apocalypse

It’s not clear if they’re limbering up for a search and rescue mission or the robot apocalypse, but the skill of MIT’s Mini Cheetahs is nevertheless a sight to behold.

Watch MIT’s ‘mini cheetah’ robots frolic, fall, flip – and play soccer together

MIT’s Biomimetics Robotics department took a whole herd of its new ‘mini cheetah’ robots out for a group demonstration on campus recently – and the result is an adorable, impressive display of the current state of robotic technology in action. The school’s students are seen coordinating the actions of 9 of the dog-sized robots running […]

Volocopter and John Deere team up for a crop-spraying autonomous agricultural drone

Autonomous drone-based transportation startup Volocopter has revealed its first partner for its new VoloDrone industrial and commercial electric vertical take-off and landing craft: John Deere . The agricultural and industrial heavy equipment company is working with Volocopter on a VoloDrone-based aerial crop-dusting system. VoloDrone, which Voloctoper unveiled at the end of last month, has 18 […]

Yandex is now testing a self-driving sidewalk cargo delivery robot

Add another one to the list of companies piloting small wheeled autonomous robots for small package and food delivery: Yandex . Russia’s search and services giant has expanded its ambitions in the world of autonomous transportation, building on its work with self-driving cars to deploy a six-wheeled robot that adopts the popular cooler on wheels […]