PS5 could let users share controller inputs in single-player games

A patent filing by Sony could point to a new feature in the PS5 that could let players share the controller inputs in a single-player game, and even vote on who gets to perform which actions.

Possible PS5 controller design looks strikingly similar to DualShock 4

A design for a potential PlayStation 5 controller has been published in Japan’s patent office, and it looks extremely similar to the DualShock 4 currently available for the PS4.

Don’t wait for the Nintendo Switch’s price to drop, because it likely won’t

Nintendo has revealed that it has no intention of cutting the Nintendo Switch’s price in the near future. It has remained at $300 since its launch in 2017, though the handheld-only Switch Lite is $200.

Greatness did await PS4, with second-highest sales for any home game console

Sony’s PlayStation 4 continues to impress this console generation, passing the total sales of the original PlayStation and even Nintendo Wii. Only the PS2 has more home console sales than PS4.


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AMD may have a next-gen, high-end Navi graphics card coming soon

A new certification from the RRA indicates that AMD is working on a new high-end Radeon flagship GPU, with the forthcoming GPU speculated to launch sometime next year.