Tesla wants to reinvent comfort with liquid heating and cooling

The United States Patent and Trademark Office published an application on September 26 for a liquid-filled heated and cooled seat being designed by EV manufacturer Tesla.

Apple patent hints at iPhone’s Apple logo doubling as a notification light

According to a new Apple patent, the iPhone’s Apple logo could one day double as a notification light. The patent suggests that the logo could have multiple layers that could make it appear differently.

Apple patent provides more details about rumored augmented reality headset

Apple has been awarded a new patent for an augmented reality headset technology that helps reduce eyestrain and nausea by taking into account the depth of field that the user expects.

Stop laughing! Trademark application suggests Apple was serious about ‘Slofie’

Apple wasn’t just making a joke when they coined the term “Slofie” for a slow-motion selfie — the company has already filed a trademark application to keep other companies from donning the name.