Stably Launches Bitcoin’s First BRC-20 Stablecoin

It is officially possible to transfer dollar-pegged assets on Bitcoin’s base layer. 

Charles Hoskinson: Bitcoin Ordinals ‘could look better’ on Cardano

Charles Hoskinson declared that Cardano is dedicated to decentralization and that Bitcoin Ordinals can work better on its rails

Ordinals Is Bringing The NFT Industry To Bitcoin

NFT influencer and founder Farokh talked to Bitcoin Magazine about the future of Ordinals and Bitcoin NFTs.

Bitcoin becomes second-largest NFT chain by volume

Data shows that the trading volume of Bitcoin (BTC) non-fungible tokens surpassed that of popular blockchains like Solana, Mythos, and Polygon in the last 30 days. Bitcoin’s new fame in digital collectibles can be attributed to the current ordinals and…