Massive neutron stars smash together, forging gold in an explosive kilonova

When two neutron stars collide, the impact creates an explosion — not a supernova, which is what happens when a star dies, but a kilonova.

This pair of white dwarf stars orbit each other at record-breaking speeds

Astronomers have observed two stars orbiting each other every seven minutes, making them the fastest eclipsing white dwarf binary system ever discovered. The stars are expected to be strong sources of gravitational waves.

The hunt for colliding black holes is on, and you can help

The hunt for gravitational waves is heating up. The LIGO observatory has seen evidence of two pairs of colliding black holes, and a new project invites the public to contribute their computer’s processing power to search for more.
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LIGO to resume its Nobel-winning hunt for gravitational waves

The hunt for gravitational waves is back on. After a series of upgrades, the National Science Foundation’s Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) will resume its search for ripples in space and time on Monday, April 1.
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