LIGO observatory sees its 2nd-ever neutron star collision — and it was massive

The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO), famous for the first detection of gravitational waves, has made another observation of a pair of neutron stars smashing into each other.

Astronomers discover an ‘impossible’ black hole in our galaxy

Astronomers have discovered a monster black hole 70 times the mass of our sun hiding out in our galaxy, questioning our assumptions about how large stellar-mass black holes can be.

Massive neutron stars smash together, forging gold in an explosive kilonova

When two neutron stars collide, the impact creates an explosion — not a supernova, which is what happens when a star dies, but a kilonova.

This pair of white dwarf stars orbit each other at record-breaking speeds

Astronomers have observed two stars orbiting each other every seven minutes, making them the fastest eclipsing white dwarf binary system ever discovered. The stars are expected to be strong sources of gravitational waves.