MIT uses shadows to help autonomous vehicles see around corners

We’re still not at the point where autonomous vehicles systems can best human drivers in all scenarios, but the hope is that eventually, technology being incorporated into self-driving cars will be capable of things humans can’t even fathom – like seeing around corners. There’s been a lot of work and research put into this concept over […]

Inside the outrageously ambitious plan to scan the entire Earth with lidar

The Earth Archive aims to scan planet Earth using the technology which helps self-driving cars make sense of the world around them. Here’s why its creators think that’s a vital mission.

Autonomous ‘Mayflower’ research ship will use IBM AI tech to cross the Atlantic in 2020

A fully autonomous ship called the ‘Mayflower’ will make its voyage across the Atlantic Ocean next September, to mark the 400-year anniversary of the trip of the first Mayflower, which was very much not autonomous. It’s a stark way to dive home just how much technology has advanced in the last four centuries, but also […]