Hacked Liquidity Protocol Jimbos Offers Deadline to Exploiters Before Onboarding Law Enforcement

The team behind the protocol was reportedly looking to get in touch with the exploiter.

Value Stolen in Exploits Down By 70% Since Last Year, More Funds Returned (Report)

The two main factors for this are believed to be increased scrutiny, blacklisting, and increased attention from law enforcement.

Researchers say they found spyware used in war for the first time

Security researchers and digital rights organizations believe the government of Azerbaijan used spyware produced by NSO Group to target a government worker, journalists, activists, and the human rights ombudsperson in Armenia, as part of a years long conflict that has at times broke out into an all-out war. The cyberattacks may be the first public […]

Researchers say they found spyware used in war for the first time by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai originally published on TechCrunch

DOJ’s Crypto Crack Team to Target DeFi, Bridge Chain Exploiters, Says Its Top Cop

It will increase enforcement in Defi and bridge chain exploitations, a ‘significant issue’ due to state-sponsored actors perpetrating these crimes. 

Half of North Korea’s Missile Programs Funded via Stolen Crypto: White House

Anne Neuberger said the US government is committed to identify North Korean crypto hackers and trace the stolen digital assets.

UK National Pleads Guilty to Stealing $8 Million in Crypto and Hacking Twitter Accounts

Prosecutors said he used his sophisticated technological prowess, such as SIM Swap and Cyberstalking, for malicious purposes.

Over $100 Million Worth of Crypto Lost in April due to Hacks and Exploits: CertiK

The $25 million MEV bot attack and the $22 million Bitrue exploit were some of the major incidents in the world of crypto last month.

CertiK and zk-Sync DEX Merlin Explore $2M Reimbursement Plan for Rugpull Victims

Merlin’s exploit was carried out by its bank-end developer team after they manipulated the protocol’s contracts and web host.