Ring says it isn’t using facial recognition, but it’s definitely working on it

The smart home company’s disconnect between its words and actions when it comes to facial recognition were again on display this week, raising more questions about privacy implications.

ICE mined driver’s license photos for facial recognition

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are using facial recognition software to trawl through millions of driver’s license photos provided by 21 states to search and find suspects. News broke over the weekend that the FBI and immigration officials access images — often without obtaining a search warrant or court order — in order to identify […]

China’s Alipay adds sought-after beauty filters to face-scan payments

In China, striving for accuracy in a piece of facial recognition software isn’t enough. As Alibaba’s e-wallet affiliate Alipay has recently demonstrated, the way software presents a user’s look is also crucial to its success. On Tuesday, Alipay announced on social media platform Weibo (in Chinese) that it’s added beauty filters to its pay-with-face system […]

Unregulated facial recognition technology presents unique risks for the LGBTQ+ community

Carlos Gutierrez Contributor Share on Twitter Carlos Gutierrez is deputy director and general counsel at LGBT Tech. It seems consumers today are granted ever-dwindling opportunities to consider the safety and civil liberties implications of a new technology before it becomes widely adopted. Facial recognition technology is no exception. The well-documented potential for abuse and misuse of these tools […]

Amazon defeated shareholder’s vote on facial recognition by a wide margin

Efforts by shareholders to instruct Amazon to stop selling its facial recognition technology to government customers failed by a wide margin, according to a new corporate filing with regulators. About 2.4 percent of shareholders voted for the proposal, a fraction of the 50 percent necessary to pass. The measure needed to reach a 5 percent threshold […]