It’s about time: Face ID may finally come to MacBooks

Apple’s Face ID is a great feature on the iPhone, so it seems mad it’s not yet on the Mac — but according to a new patent, that could soon change. This would score Apple a huge PR victory, cementing its reputation as a security and privacy leader.

Slack makes some key security enhancements

As Slack makes its way deeper into the enterprise, it needs to layer on more sophisticated security measures like the encryption key management feature it released last year. Today, the company published a blog post outlining its latest security strategy, and while it still doesn’t include end-to-end encryption of Slack messaging, it is a big […]

Alright, Apple. It’s time to bring Face ID to the Mac

Apple has long touted its devices as being among the safest and most secure on the market, yet the Mac still relies on Touch ID — if it even has that. Come on Apple: Where’s Face ID for the Mac?