ICO-Era Ethereum Whale Awakens After 3 Years, Transfers ETH To Kraken

A dormant Ethereum (ETH) wallet containing thousands of coins collected during the network’s token generation event is awake after nearly three years. According to Lookonchain data, on November 24, approximately $42.4 million worth of ETH was moved, with 10 ETH deposited directly to Kraken, a crypto exchange.  Ethereum Whale Awakens On-chain data reveals the dormant wallet […]

Mystery Behind Ethereum ICO Wallet With $470 Million Has Finally Been Solved

In the 8-year history of Ethereum, there have been multiple mysteries that have made their way to the mainstream. However, one of the most popular of these is an ETH wallet that participated in the Ethereum ICO back in 2014 which has not seen any kind of activity since then. Dormant Ethereum ICO Wallet Stumps […]