Google’s Gemini AI launch marred by questions over capabilities

Google unveiled its much-anticipated artificial intelligence system Gemini on Wednesday, touting benchmarks suggesting it could compete with OpenAI’s industry-leading GPT-4 model in reasoning abilities. But the launch has quickly been overshadowed by accusations that the tech giant overstated Gemini’s capabilities. In a tightly choreographed video demonstration, Google showed Gemini interacting with visual data through a […]

Microsoft exec hints at new LLMs beyond OpenAI’s

In a wide ranging interview about enterprise readiness for generative AI, Eric Boyd asserts that Microsoft plans to stay competitive on the choice front. He said the company’s generative AI applications and the LLMs that power them, are safe to use, but that companies that are more focused on where models work really well – for example in text generation – are able to move the fastest.

San Francisco startup MaintainX raises $50 million to bring A.I. to industrial operations

MaintainX, a startup that provides software for industrial maintenance, raises $50 million to achieve a zero-downtime future using AI and data. Read the exclusive interview with the CEO and the lead investor.

Google takes aim at OpenAI with launch of powerful new AI model Gemini

Google has unveiled its most advanced AI model yet, Gemini, directly taking on OpenAI in an escalating battle for dominance in artificial intelligence capabilities.

HPE discovers new vision for an AI-native architecture

HPE unveils AI-native architecture vision, offering enhanced AI solutions through an expanded Nvidia partnership and upgraded Machine Learning Development Environment (MLDE), accelerating enterprise AI adoption and performance.

Google DeepMind’s materials AI has already discovered  2.2 million new crystals

Google DeepMind has developed a revolutionary AI system that discovered 2 million new materials, unlocking massive potential for innovations in renewable energy, batteries, electronics, and more.