New method for detecting exoplanet atmospheres could help find habitable planets

When exoplanet atmospheres interact with red dwarf magnetic fields, they give off telltale radio emissions.

Researchers use artificial intelligence to develop powerful new antibiotic

The compound can kill E. coli and is even effective against some antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is taking a two-week vacation for maintenance

The orbiter’s scientific mission is on hiatus so that maintenance can be performed on its flash memory.

Turns out Jupiter has far more water in its atmosphere than we thought

New results update findings from the last mission to investigate Jupiter’s atmosphere, Galileo back in 1995.

Brave InSight Lander doing its best to free stuck heat probe from Martian soil

NASA engineers have a plan to get the stuck probe moving by using the scoop on the lander’s robotic arm.

Using drones to detect coronavirus? It’s not as crazy as it sounds

Could drones be used to monitor the spread of coronavirus? Absolutely, says CEO of a top drone company.

Here are all the science projects that SpaceX will be delivering to the ISS

The projects cover research into topics from growing human heart cells to making more comfortable sneakers

Mars’ moons: Japan’s space agency preps pioneering mission

The mission will seek to learn more about Mars’ two moons, and to bring back rock samples from one of them.

Terrifying handheld blaster can fire playing cards at 120 miles per hour

“As a kid, I tried to learn how to throw playing cards for a bit, but I never got it,” says its creator.

Boeing 737 Max: Debris found in some of the jets’ fuel tanks

The discovery of debris in some 737 Max fuel tanks is the latest setback for Boeing’s beleaguered aircraft.