Peech is a text-to-speech app that actually sounds good

When you go into the App Store to download the Peech app, you’ll notice right away that the app’s icon displays the Ukrainian flag along with the company’s simple logo. But this is more than just a show of solidarity. With three Eastern European founders, the team behind this text-to-speech app has been harshly impacted […]

Spotify hypes the revenue potential of podcasts and audiobooks at its second Investor Day event

In its second Investor Day, streaming service Spotify updated the financial community about its potential for further growth and monetization, despite the overall economic downturn impacting the tech sector. The company spent a good portion of its presentation specifically focused on podcasts, which it said had been “largely unchanged” for years before its entry into […]

Amazon is going to make it easier to load your own books onto Kindle

Amazon is… a company that could bear to have a bit better of an ethical track record. At the time of publication, warehouse workers in Staten Island are fighting for better work treatment by voting in yet another historic union election. But hey, those folks in Seattle make a pretty good e-reader. Since it’s Amazon, though, […]