Rising Rates Gives New Life to Interest-Bearing Stablecoins

Rising interest rates ain’t all bad, as many decentralized stablecoin issuers are turning to real-world assets to generate new yield.

SBI Holdings and TradeFinex partner to drive blockchain adoption in Japan

SBI Holdings and TradeFinex have established a joint venture in Japan to promote their enterprise blockchain platform on the XDC Network

Ex-Multichain developers unveil ValueRouter, an asset swapping platform

Former Multichain developers have launched ValueRouter, a new project focusing on simplified multi-chain asset swaps

Fireblocks acquires Australian defi startup BlockFold for $10m

Blockchain company Fireblocks, which is backed by Sequoia Capital, has acquired BlockFold for a reported $10 million

Cosmos Product Lead Says Ethereum Layer-2s Are Not the ‘Holy Grail’ of Scaling

Layer-2 networks are all the rage at the moment, but with user funds splintering across networks, the tech comes with its downsides.

Curve Founder Michael Egorov Completes Aave Debt Repayment: Data

Egorov paid off Aave debt but still holds considerable debt, around $42.7M, in four DeFi networks.