4,000 ETH ($7.5M) Compromised Following Latest DeFi Exploit

Another DeFi exploit took place today, resulting in a potential loss of around 4K ETH.

FBI Warns of Crypto Human Trafficking Rings in Asia

The FBI noted that these types of scams often target Asia-based victims.

Hackers Breach DJ Steve Aoki’s Twitter Account to Steal $170k in ETH

Twitter users lost their digital assets after a crypto influencer retweeted a phishing scam posted on DJ Steve Aoki’s compromised Twitter account.

DeFi Lending Protocol Fintoch Reportedly Rug Pulls Investors for $31.6M

The DeFi platform disappeared with over $30M of users’ assets after claiming it was affiliated with multinational banking giant Morgan Stanley.

Court Dismisses $8M Pig Butchering Lawsuit Against Binance

Judge Mazzant dismissed the claims because Binance and its American affiliate were prohibited from operating in Texas.