Could the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy harbor a wormhole?

Researchers have come up with a technique to detect traversable wormholes — theoretical tunnels in space-time which allow objects to travel across the galaxy or even the universe.

Planet Nine could be a miniature black hole hiding in our solar system

Researchers say the strange movements of the objects which orbit the sun beyond Neptune could be explained not by the presence of a planet but by the presence of a primordial black hole.

See what a black hole looks like up close in NASA’s incredible new visualization

NASA’s simulation shows how a black hole’s dense gravity would distort our view, resulting in a warped image that resembles a carnival mirror

The supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way is getting hungrier

Last month, we learned the black hole at the center of our galaxy was flaring. Now, astronomers have revealed more about what they think may be driving this unprecedented event.

Astronomers puzzled by a flashing X-ray mystery in the Fireworks galaxy

Astronomers were looking at the Fireworks galaxy when they noticed something odd: An X-ray source which flared brightly and then disappeared only ten days later.

Astronomers discover hungry black hole that demands three square meals a day

Astronomers examining bursts of X-rays have found a black hole which consumes material on a regular schedule of once every nine hours.

Baby black holes chirp as they’re born, just as Einstein predicted

Scientists have heard a “baby” black hole for the very first time, and it sounds like “chirp.” Einstein predicted that the creation of a black hole would sound like ringing and that the pitch could signal its mass and spin, and his theory has been prov…