Appleā€™s not-hi-res hi-res music is now called something else because iTunes died

Apple has announced a new name for its old initiative to make songs sound better. The Mastered for iTunes initiative is now called Apple Digital Masters, and it’s something Apple Music subscribers should enjoy.

AT&T subscribers can now get Spotify Premium for free — here’s how

So you want free Spotify Premium, huh? Well, if you’re an AT&T customer, you’re in luck. AT&T is offering a free Premium subscription to customers on select plans, as well as six months free to others.

What is Apple Music? The streaming music service fully explained

Ever since its debut, Apple Music has been gaining on market leader Spotify. But what accounts for Apple Music’s popularity? How do you sign up and listen? Find out about all of this and more in our Apple Music explainer.

Spotify hits 108M paying users and 232M overall, but its average revenue per user declines

Spotify added 8 million subscribers in the quarter that ended in June, slightly below the estimated 8.5 million figure, the streaming giant reported today. The top music streamer said it had amassed 232 million monthly active users and 108 million paying subscribers at the end of June, up from 217 million users and 100 million […]