Everything you need to know to make a great startup pitch deck

The crew here at TechCrunch has done a lot of writing about making amazing pitch decks over the years, and I figured it was time that I put together a collection of all of it in one handy spot. A lot of these articles are part of TechCrunch+ — TechCrunch’s premium subscription product. I’ve marked […]

VSC Ventures adds $14 million to its storytelling-meets-checkbook investment pitch

It’s a hard time to be building in public. Which means that it’s a hard time to tell your story as an entrepreneur. Which means that for a new venture firm like VSC, which offers public relations support and storytelling advice in exchange for equity in startups, a volatile startup environment presents an opportunity for […]

Sequoia is the latest VC firm telling you to take the downturn seriously

Sequoia’s advice largely followed the same script that other venture firms have been using: extend runway, focus on sustainable growth and recognize that an economic recovery may be a ways away.

It’s not business as usual (and investors are admitting it)

“You can often pick up significant market share in an economic downturn by just staying alive,” top startup accelerator Y Combinator wrote in an internal email to its founders this week. The advice was one of 10 bullet points in a memo meant to help its companies navigate the economic downturn crushing tech. Other standout […]