Amazon’s New AI Image Generator Creates an ‘Invisible Watermark’ on Every Deepfake

How hard is it to check whether an image is an AI deepfake or not? Well, Amazon claims it has some sort of answer with its own watermarking system for Amazon Titan Image Generator, the new AI art creator it announced today. Of course, it’s not that eas…

Pika Labs raises $55M, launches new AI video platform to take on Runway

The investment takes the company’s fund-raise to $55 million and marks the launch of Pika 1.0, which allows video generation and editing with text prompts.

Adobe reportedly acquires text-to-video AI platform Rephrase

With the acquisition, the product capabilities and a majority of the Rephrase team will go to Adobe, building the company’s efforts for generative AI videos.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review: Great, but It Would Be Better if It Folded

I struggle to look at any other Samsung smartphone now that I’ve been living with its foldable. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has effectively changed how I use Android. Most of the time, I’ll only bother with my Google Pixel 7 if someone is calling the n…

YouTube Cracks Down on Future ‘AI Drakes’ With Updated Policies

YouTube released new policy updates on Tuesday to combat AI-generated content that resembles the voice and style of music artists. Earlier this year, “Heart on My Sleeve,” a song that sounds like a track made by Drake and The Weeknd, created with gener…