Mnuchin says libra backers dropped out because the project is ‘not ready’ to meet regulatory standards

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said told libra representatives that he would take action if libra didn’t meet regulatory standards.

Facebook’s Libra consortium is meeting today after exodus of key backers

The Libra Association is meeting in Geneva to review a charter and appoint a board of directors.

Salesforce’s Marc Benioff calls for a ‘new capitalism’ where billionaires pay higher taxes

The Salesforce CEO called for the establishment of a “new capitalism” that’s partly funded by taxing the rich.

Apple’s ‘key growth driver’ in 2020 will be a new $399 iPhone, top analyst says

Apple will release the iPhone SE2 early next year for $399, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says.

WeWork opens new sites at breakneck speed despite cash-burn concerns

WeWork has opened almost as many new locations in the last 3-1/2 months as it did in the whole first half of this year.

Chess master Garry Kasparov: Russia’s tech threat is ‘tactical,’ China’s ‘strategic’

The threat from Russia is “all about immediate benefit,” Garry Kasparov says, while with China it’s “more about playing long games.”

Chinese app pushing Xi’s ideology has ‘backdoor’ that could let Beijing snoop on users, report says

“Study the Great Nation” or “Xuexi Qiangguo” in Chinese had code “resembling a backdoor,” according to a new report, that allows “superuser” access to a person’s device.

What ‘deepfakes’ are and how they may be dangerous

"Deepfakes" are being used to depict people in fake videos they did not actually appear in, and can potentially affect elections, experts say.

SoftBank is reportedly seeking to take control of WeWork through a financing package

The potential deal would shift Neumann’s already diminished voting power to the Japanese conglomerate, according to the Journal.

These telemedicine doctors are getting licenses in all 50 states to treat patients in remote areas

As virtual medicine tips into the mainstream, doctors are getting licenses everywhere so they’re not limited in who they can treat.