How Bitcoin Can Preserve The Life Savings Of Refugees

Bitcoin’s unique properties make it the best way to preserve wealth in a time of crisis. But there are some things to keep in mind to prepare.

How I Preserve My Wealth With Bitcoin

“I will explain why I allocate a share of my wealth to bitcoin and how I see it as ideal for preserving the value of my net worth.”

Ordinals Is Bringing The NFT Industry To Bitcoin

NFT influencer and founder Farokh talked to Bitcoin Magazine about the future of Ordinals and Bitcoin NFTs.

Bitcoin Core Version 25.0 Released Bringing New Features And Transaction Use Cases

Bitcoin Core users should be sure to read through the release notes before updating their software to the latest release version.

Bankrupt Lending Platform Celsius Agrees To Purchase Bid By Fahrenheit

A new company will be formed by the acquisition of embattled lender Celsius, which went bankrupt amidst the larger turmoil of 2022.

Bitcoin Payments App Bottlepay To Shutdown Services

The company is encouraging users to withdraw their funds and to save transaction statements before the app’s closure.

BIT Mining And Chain Reaction Partner To Create New Bitcoin Mining Systems

The partnership will leverage Chain Reaction’s ASIC announced at Bitcoin 2023 to further develop systems for miners.