Buenos Aires Rolls Out Blockchain-Based Digital ID for Storing Official Documents

According to The Block, the Buenos Aires city government is launching a blockchain-based digital ID service named QuarkID. This service aims to securely store official documents such as marriage and death certificates. The technology behind this servic…

Polygon adds Google Cloud to its validator set

Polygon Labs announced on Sept. 29 that it has added Google Cloud to the decentralized group of validators powering its proof-of-stake Network. Polygon said in its statement that Google Cloud is now among more than 100 validators who secure the Polygon PoS Network, a network that originally operated under the name Matic Network and which […]

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When predatory investors damage your chances of success

Welcome to Startups Weekly. Sign up here to get it in your inbox every Friday. You know what isn’t a great idea for my energy levels? Enjoying a week of TechCrunch Disrupt and then getting straight on a plane to attend a startup event in Oslo, Norway. …

Pudgy Penguins’ approach may be the answer to fixing NFTs’ revenue problems

The company’s toy-focused expansion is its bet that NFTs should have a broader presence, one that’s not limited to the digital world.

VC Office Hours: How data can help improve social impact investing

Erin Harkless Moore talks about Pivotal Ventures’ investment strategy, and its future.