Paris-Based Mistral AI Enters the Arena with Free and Powerful New Language Model

The new LLM is free, open-source, and stands up well against more established competitors.

Just In: DALL-E 3 Ignites Artistry Rebirth via Bing Creator AI

OpenAI has rolled out the highly anticipated DALL-E 3, a next-generation AI art tool, through Microsoft’s Bing Creator AI suite. This move comes merely ten days after its official announcement on September 20, significantly enhancing the Bing Creator A…

Naomi Campbell Debuts Humane AI Pin at Coperni’s Paris Fashion Week Show

Humane’s wearable AI device will be revealed in November, but it made a public appearance on the supermodel elite via the Coperni runway.

AI won’t realize its potential without web3 | Opinion

Coupling web3 and AI is a win-win alliance, which has the potential to create rapidly scalable content, constructed by a rapidly scalable community.

OpenAI Quietly Ships DALL-E 3 AI Image Generator Upgrade In Bing

The next-generation AI art tool is described as a leap ahead of competitors Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

How much can artists make from generative AI? Vendors won’t say

As tech companies begin to monetize generative AI, the creators on whose work it is trained are asking for their fair share. But so far no one can agree on whether or how much artists should be paid. A recent open letter from the Authors Guild signed b…

Venture capital is opening the gates for defense tech

Anduril is symbolic of a trend in which defense tech and venture capital dollars are no longer antithetic.

Humane’s ‘AI Pin’ debuts on the Paris runway

You’d better believe that Humane is going to milk the media hype cycle for all it’s worth. After all, the company’s been buzzy since it first engaged with the media – well before it offered the slightest bit of insight into what it’s been working on. T…